2017 RECAP -2018 AMBIGUITY       (Exploring other interests)

So I have discovered grandma sweaters and now I am hooked)

This post was meant to go up in December last year but the festivity got the better of me.

Moving on……

So in as much as I would have loved to  write and share more health and fitness tips here in 2017,I didn’t. well, I did, just not as much as I should have. Why?

  •  Unmotivation

Earlier on in 2017, I was hit by a whirlwind of zero motivation, I worked out little or not at all and my blogging suffered, uncertainty hit rock hard. But you know, I picked myself up and realized  how much impact, no matter how small or big this blog has created in someone’s life…

  • Jack of more trades

I tend to answer to serendipity when it calls

‘Hallo! destiny, is that you.?

I answered to this call.I discovered the Ukulele in January 2017.It is a tiny cute instrument in the guitar family and I can tell you for a fact that it brings me so much joy.

  • Grande project

Well , in as much as I may have been unmotivated to blog earlier on last year, I was motivated to work on a project from January to May. 5 Months of nothing but this (Health and Fitness related) I will talk about it when the time is ripe..y’know? life, you only say stuff  when they done lest they get jinxed


So why ambiguous? because nobody knows the future except God. We may plan for it but we will still not know it’s outcome.

2016 was different and I had a great experience with blogging, see HERE .

2017 has been great in the sense of finishing projects and picking up instruments and shifting my mindset to the more important things in life

I don’t know what 2018 holds but I am stepping into it with confidence in God.

2018 hopes….I guess

  • Pray more
  • Devour less confectioneries *fingers crossed*
  • watch even more TED TALKS

okay…..i guess that is it.

happy new year, break a leg!


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