I did THIS  post celebrating my 1.5 years of taking better care of my natural hair.  Now that I have officially hit 2 years in pursuit of healthy hair,  I decided to feature a few natural Family and  Friends (artists in whichever field and in no particular order) and here is what they had to say about what having natural hair means to them.

(1) BRENDA- writer

Instagram (@brendamidamba)

(Of course I had to put myself first *wink*)

To me Natural hair is more than my physical appearance.  I am tired of  watching this rapid avalanche, (which is the speed at which my generation  is  caving in to the ever growing overrated mainstream definition of ‘beauty‘) I hope to set a good example of self acceptance to my generation and  the generation to come.

(2) Elle- Fashion blogger

Instagram (@elledke)

My natural hair is my identity. A part of me I have learnt to embrace and proudly walk with. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with hair that has a tight curl pattern which you can do just anything with. its flexible, easy to play around with and most importantly its a visible part of Africa .


Instagram (@julienjambie)

My natural hair is a summation of who I am outwardly. To me, it really helps me embrace my natural self. From my body to my personality.I can never be someone else  and my hair will never be someone else’s. Simply me and mine.

(4) LEAH- Events organizer

   Instagram  (@mrs_sande)

Natural hair is all about embracing my natural beauty.We have been born in a culture where African skin and hair hasn’t been fully embraced.But things have changed and I love to be part of the change.I keep my hair short and sexy. contrary to common belief,Its very easy to maintain and very affordable.I visit my salonist once every month just to enhance the cut.The rest I do at home

(5)Ndunge – singer

Every strand of hair on my head is a unique gift from  God. I prefer to keep it as natural as possible.Plus what is there to alter when we were created perfect?Think about it …..

(6) Michelle- Writer

Instagram (chepchumba_mk)

I love how  my hair suffers  zero alteration and zero manipulation. I no longer try to change it or make it look or feel different. It’s just my hair and I have embraced it.

(7) Fridah .A. Creative designer

Instagram ( simply_archie_)

I feel liberated, My beauty is not determined by what the society says but what I say. What matters is not seeking validation and gratification from outside but within and women of colour should constantly be reminded of this.

(8) Natalie- singer

Instagram (narra_booboo)

Natural hair to me is a journey that takes committment and TLC. It’s a wonder what moisture and coconut oil does for kinky hair! I wanted to give up on the natural hair journey a month ago, but then Brenda Midamba watered and oiled my braid outs one evening, and now I know the secret: Moisture and Oil!!

(9) Fridah .M.- Film maker

Instagram (_mwongeli_)

To me natural hair is a journey of self discovery, it’s learning to love yourself in the most natural form.  It’s actually more like a baby that you have to take care of,  to nature and to make sure it’s always healthy, clean and happy just like a baby. Natural hair to me is liberation, freedom to be truly you,  it’s a symbol of true African beauty, it’s our culture.

(10) Wangui- Film maker

My natural hair is my God given gift, it is nothing short from unique, amazing, healthy and bold. There is something about natural hair that oozes confidence, authenticity and definitely beauty.I was done with chemicals on my head 9 Months ago and thats when I decided to go natural. I love how tremendously  and healthier it has grown. ‘SPOILER ALERT!” I am no pro and I am still trying to figure out what products work for my hair and what doesn’t especially with all the misinformation pertaining natural hair online. So far so good and  I can’t complain

Thanks to all these amazing ladies and many more out there for being unafraid to be and  preach  self acceptance, that it is okay to  wear natural hair in a day and age that some people (let us call them cave men)  still find kinky hair offensive.

(not that if you do not have natural hair ‘ati sasa’ you are anti-self love)

I hope you are reminded to keep a strong and healthy hair.

Did you read my previous post on HEALTH BENEFITS OF READING? No? HERE is the link.


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  1. Jinette Ndunge says:

    Wooow!! M loving this

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  2. Hi dear, nominated you for the Liebster award, please visit my page & claim it 🙂 : https://cafeavectwali.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/yaaaaas-nominated-for-the-liebster-award/

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    1. wow! this is amazing, thank you

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  3. Oohh btw you look super cute! How did you get your curls that way?

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    1. i basically revolve around bantu knots and braid outs, thank you

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