People have gone as far as completely eliminating sugar and fat from their diet in search of leaner waists. 

Did  you know that sugar and fat  can help you lose weight?

How you ask? Here’s how…..  

  • Sugar

Hold  up! I meant natural sugars not added sugars

Foods that contain  natural sugars i.e fruits come with fiber that is actually really nutritious  and helps regulate the amount of sugar that enters your system.Instead of reaching for sodas and sugary foods, reach for real authentic foods  that have natural sugars and an overall nutritional value that will help keep your weight/waist in check 

  • Fat

Yes, You have to eat fat to burn fat.. But no, not deep fried chips and fast foods from KFC, I mean, unsaturated fat that contains both poly- and monounsaturated fats  that helps to lower the bad cholestrol.This can be found in natural foods like Avocados, unsalted nuts: ground nuts, almond nuts, cashew nuts etc, and in natural raw oils like canola oil, coconut, olive etc..

Remember to use them sparingly and  not to over indulge. Too much of anything, good or bad often leads to bad results


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