Let me start by saying , beauty is overrated!

Body image  has been exaggerated  since time immemorial and i feel obliged to  join the movement that is trying to thwart and curtail  the perfect body  standards illusion.

At least, every man and  woman in  their lifetime has been unsatisfied with  how they look, why? Because at least once have we compared  ourselves  with  someone else, A someone the world has labelled a ‘god ‘ess’ of beauty

Easier  said  than  done as it may seem, here are simple steps we can follow to help emancipate from the chains of body struggles  and constant comparisons*I mean, I am no pro ,specialist or anything , I guess certain things are just  more visceral, you don’t really need a degree in life lessons, or do you??*

            1Stop keeping up with the ‘Kardashians

You know the ‘Kardashians’ in our lives that we just can’t stop keeping up with, cut it! If you know you will obsessively compare yourself to someone on social media, do not hit that follow button.

Ow and just  so you know ,no one posts a whack pic of them on Instagram,so you are probably comparing  someone’s  high  life to your life bloopers.
               2. Work out and eat healthy.

You probably saw that coming didn’t you? I mean, as long as you are  healthy on the inside, it is going to be harder not to feel good and happy about your  physical appearance as well, Endorphins will be all up in your business like.

    3. Don’t settle for mediocrity

Make it stop!! Those mediocre friends and lame talks that body shame others or body shame you in particular, do not  tolerate. Be as vocal as you can and put an instant stop to body shamers. What’s the worst that could happen?

 4. Love yourself

Cheesy and cliche as it may sound.There is no other way to say it but learn to love the skin you are in so others can love you as well. Honestly, it is hard to love someone who hates themselves.

Stay con-fit-dent.

You are beautiful.


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