Sheetal Kotak Talks bodybuilding in Kenya


I  first  saw  Sheetal  a.ka.  Sheetal strong  on  instagram  and  I  immediately  started gushing  over  her  strong physique and her  fearless persona.Getting  to  interview  her   confident  soul   was   such  a  priviledge and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Here  is  what  she  had  to  say  about  her  walk in  a  bodybuilders  shoes  and  what  you  should  expect  in case  you  want  to  join the  industry.

(1)When did you get into bodybuilding?

SHEETAL: I began bodybuilding towards the end of 2011


(2) What inspired you to start bodybuilding 

SHEETAL: I always feel like I never chose bodybuilding, but it chose me. I was just training for strength at the gym and tried out a competition in Uganda for fun and the rest is history.


(3)Who is / are your influence(s)

SHEETAL: Nobody influences me, I feel like I have a calling for what I do, to be a strong woman in my Interior self and exterior self.


(4) What keeps you disciplined and motivated? 

SHEETAL: Results, passion and my vision of being the best I can ,both physically, mentally and by Character.  

(5)How would you describe Female body building in Kenya? 

SHEETAL: It is Very competitive and there is definitely a lot of talent. 


 6)What are some of your past achievements? 


  • Musclemania Africa – Uganda 2013 Bikini 1st place 
  • Musclemania Africa – Uganda 2013 Figure 1st place 
  • Musclemania Africa – Kenya 2014 Overall winner 
  • Musclemania Africa 2014 Figure – 1st place 
  • Ms. Nairobi 2015 Figure – 1st place 
  • Ms. Kenya 2015 Figure – 1st place 
  • Musclemania Africa 2015 – Figure 1st place 
  • Ms. Modern Fitness 2015 – Figure 1st place 
  • Ms. Kenya 2016 Figure-2nd place 
  • WBFF S.A. 2016 – Diva Fitness 35 plus – 1st Runners’ Up (meaning of WBFF?) World, Beauty, Fitness & Fashion 
  • Ms. Kenya 2017-Just placed 1st on 1st July 2017! 
  • USN Kenya Sport Supplement Brand Ambassador 
  • Befit U.S.A Fitness Clothing Brand Ambassador 


(7) (a) Are there any discouragements or low points associated with this industry? 

SHEETAL: Yes, with everything good there’s also the bad.

(b) Reallywhat are they? 

Well,  bodybuilding is expensive especially because of the demanding daily Nutritional needs & gym memberships. We also have steroid abuse amongst athletes which is dangerous for health. 


(8)What does a Female bodybuilder eat on a normal day? You to be precise? 

SHEETAL: Bodybuilders maintain a high protein, moderate carbohydrate and minimum fat diets.That said, it  also depends on the seasons i.e. during contest preparations or off seasons, a lot changes depending on the goals of different athletes. The most important thing is a well-balanced diet, full of wholesome nutritious unprocessed foods with lots of varieties in protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. 


(9) What is your take on starving to obtain unrealistic mainstream definition of what others term as “beauty”?  

SHEETAL: This would be the worst thing anyone should do. Beauty comes in all sizes and has to be healthy. Being an eating disorder  survivor, I can’t stress on this enough, Nutritious foods and moderate exercise are the true picture of physical, emotional and mental health.

(10) Any advice on any girl(s) who want(s) to join the industry ?

The sport will require  200% percent discipline, dedication and  commitment . If you have it then go ahead. Bodybuilding will shape both your character and your physique, It will take everything you have got, but also it will reward you with much more than what you wanted. It goes beyond physical looks, it will discipline your way of life, teach you how valuable time and life is, reconnect you to your inner being. You absolutely have the power to change! Trust the process and progress even when you don’t see it. 

Thanks  to  Strong  for  not  thinking twice about this interview and  to you  for taking  your  time to read this…

All photos courtesy of Sheetal!!!

Stay con-fit-dent! You are beautiful!


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  1. Very interesting interview. What a fascinating woman! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

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    1. Absolutely. She is phenomenal ;-). Thanks for stoping by


  2. Sheetal is going inspiration to the Kenyan Fitness industry

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