Oh No! What did  i do? I overindulged this  weekend! Why? Because  it was Easter and everyone else  around me was doing it.

So what next?

I’ll tell you what, it is never too late  to restart  your  healthy  habits that will give your metabolism  a great kick start  .

  1. Drink tons of  lemon water

This Water will  help flash out toxins from all the  junk you might have consumed.

2. Get your  cardio going  on

Any exercise  that  brings  your heart rate up  will help  burn some (not all) excess calories  you may have  gained from  all the sugars , salt and greasy foods.

3. Throw away  all the remaining junk ‘lefties

We all know  that throwing away  food  is real bad but then again  junk isn’t food, it is all empty calories  with  0% nutritional value. So whichever way you choose  to get rid of the  ‘lefties‘ to avoid further temptation, DO IT!

4. Re-stock on the Vegetables, Fruits and whole grains.

Do not  sail on the  unhealthy  foods boat for so long lest  you  get  addicted. Get your taste buds  back on track with eating your:

  • vegetables – Any green leafy, stem and  root vegetables
  • Fruits- bananas, watermelon etc
  • Whole grains – Oats, Whole meal bread, whole grain sugar free cereals, brown rice etc

5. Don’t sweat it!

Don’t sweat it, It’s never that serious, Nothing  worth losing your mind over. Falling down does not define you, what matters is getting  back up  gracefully, facing the giant head on and moving on.

Remember,you are  beautiful just the way  you are.


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  1. Mart says:

    I normally detox with a lot of water. Now having seen that use of lemon really helps, I should start using lemons. Consumption of vegetables and fruits is a good method too. Thanks for the information


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