So lady gaga gave  a perfect performance during Super bowl but guess what   that didn’t  matter, at least  to some people it didn’t.So let us try  talking about this without  sounding  absolutely  mad  and ridiculous! Okay

A few guys decided  to  take to the internet  and  body  shame  her  for  a stomach  roll *so shoutout  to  you trolls for  having  nothing better  to  do* and FYI  a  stomach  roll that  almost  everyone  has  , one  that  they  MOST PROBABLY had hanging all over  the place, most probably even worse   when  they were busy trolling  all over  a woman’s /human’s body

Come on dude! 

I mean a round of applause  for  gaga who had  the guts to showcase her  flaws *which  I wouldnt  call flaws , she is  way  fitter than half  the  world **and prove to girls around  the world  that you do not need  the  unrealistic stick figure silicone Barbie doll figure to  meet  the  “beauty’ standards ……that  are  highly overrated by the way.

If  you are  going  to pick  two things out of all this  necessary  rant, let  them be this

(1)You are  beautiful  just  the  way  you  are

(2) Opinions are like armpits, we all have one…No one  cares bout  yours!

Ps…Those  up  there  are  a  niche  of the tweets.There is more where that came from, and  to think it’s 2017!!! Body shamming???? *Major  eye roll*


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