It has  been  a  long  time  since  I ran , It has something  to do with sleep, I dont know….Actually, I know.It  has  everything to  do  with  sleep.I blame it entirely on  my love for sleep.

“You have been a bad girl sleep.bad..bad..bad girl.”

Anyhu‘ when I used to be  a faithful runner, there  were  those  irksome  things  people did  that I am sure  other  runners  could possibly  relate to.

Here are some  things you should never do to a road runner

  • Stop them  to say ‘hi’

    ‘I am fine thank you , thanks  for asking  but if you could  excuse me please the road awaits” Nobody says  that  but  they wish they could

    • Walk slowly in front of them

    “Come on now! Move!

    • Flash your  car  lights bright  behind them

      “I am trying ro run here  , not  be on the  spotlight”

      • Stare at them strangely like  they were a  Mural .


      Now that we know, let us not do this things. 

      Okay now, Adios!

      *photos  courtesy of shutterstock*


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