I SAW  GOD IN 2016!

I thought  of  so many  names for this  blog post  to wind  up  my 2016  but It  all trickled   down  to  one ‘I saw God in 2016’ and  I could  not   fight it any longer and so I gave in and called it just that!

Well, this is one of those  rare heart to heart  posts I write so  grab some  tissue guys because I am going to  be cutting some onions in this  place….. or not, chances are  you wont cry because I didn’t cry writing  it…..so yeah!

My 2016  has been Ah……..*wait for it* …..MAIZING! .It has been amazing  for  sure.

ME: care  to  join me  for a trip  down  Memory  lane

YOU: Yes!

ME: I thought  so!

I started  my  blog in 2015  and I had  zero idea  of  what  BAKE  (bloggers  association of Kenya)  was  until  my friend  sent me  the submission plea earlier   this  year and  I decided   to submit  for  a  possible  nomination.

When the list  came  out   and  my name  was  in  it….I SAW  GOD!!

The  voting  game  was  on  and  when  my name  was  called  that  night  at  the winner’s Gala event as the best  health blog of the year, I SAW  GOD!!

When  K24TV  called  me  for  an interview  the  next  week  , I SAW GOD!

When  I  appeared on an Episode  of  MOMMY101  and  got  to  meet  my  name  sake  on  the  show  *shout out  to you girl, you are  such a  gem!* I SAW GOD!

When I got  another   nomination  from  the  Kenya  Glamour  Awards  for  Best Blog/blogger  of  the  year, I SAW GOD!

When  I   was  asked  to   be a part  of  this  year’s  Health  Festival , I was   more  than honoured  and  excited..indeed, I SAW GOD!

When I appeared   on the  dare  to  dream episode  on  KtnTV ‘s YOLO , I SAW GOD!

And  when  I   started   THIS  youtube  channel  ,  ‘BTdabs… you  should  totally  check it  out  ‘   I SAW  GOD!

When this  year  started, i did  not  have  all this  planned  out but  it  happened  all  honour  and  glory  goes to  my God..

And  to  you my readers, thank you for being My number  one inspiration. For everyone  who takes  their  time to  read my  blog.,’you’re  the man…or  woman…whichever‘.

My Family who have  my  back always , i see you. To all my friends   : p.s Priscillah Ibalai from  THIS  blog who  oozes  confidence and  is  also  an inspiration, I see you  girl.keep shining and   message me the secret  to getting those hard rock abs 🙂

Merry Christmas  everyone see you  in 2017!

*see? told  you, you wont  cry!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. paula says:

    Yes my beautifull daughter.You dont giv up rasily.The Lord is taking u places this 2017

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mama…you are the best


  2. leah midamba says:

    Ameeeeeen.You have no idea just how much more is in store for you.God loves you and so do I 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen..from your mouth to God’s ears…thanks


  3. nungaryee says:

    I want be like you when I grow up 😊 you are headed north.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 lol, thanks dear


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