This  post  has  been a  long  time coming,  I  wrote  a whole  blog  post  for  a  whole  30 minutes …. or  more , I dont know…  cant  remember

….. saved  it…..

went on…… did other  stuff..

 came  back…….

 wanted  to  post  it……..  

Then realised  that  apparently, my  phone   thought  it  was wise  enough to clear   the  data  on  its  own……..

“Thank you  very  much  phone….no…really….thanks”

Then,  just  when  I was  about  to  sit  down  and  write  another  post,  Netflix  announced  that   there  was  going  to  be  a  second  season  of  stranger  things 

…and so  I got  too  anxious  and  excited  to even put my  thoughts  together…..

Ps. If you  havent  watched   this  series   , guys …….what are  you  waiting  for? What do you stand  for?  Are  you kidding  me?  haha

 One  week  later, the  news  has  sank  in.

 So, on   to  what  brought  us here today,  You know  how  when you do  a lot of  Cardio  without  strength  training you  stand  a chance  of  losing  your womanly or  manly  shape, well this  one  move  will ensure  your  butt  muscles  stay in shape

Just   get  down  with  a  dumbell  on  your leg  as  seen  below

Or without  a  dumbell (For  beginners) as seen below

Then  slowly  raise the   leg  in an  up  and  down motion for about  20 seconds  each , rest  for  5 seconds  then repeat    ten  times…or  less..or  more  depending  on  your  level of  fitness

I failed  flat  severally  (see  video  on instagram  , @brendamidamba  ) until I got  a  tip  that  the  secret  to  not  failing with  the  dumbell is to make a   90° angle on the joint  and  squeeze  it  *thank you mitchelle*.

On this  chilly  morning, reember  to  stay con-fit-dent  .

Beauty  is  overrated  so  do  you  boo boo.

And  if  you  have  not  voted  for  my blog  for  the  Kenya  Glamour Awards, please grab your  phone  right  this  moment  and text  KGA40 to 22448 .

Thank you  in advance.God bless .


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