Running  in  the  wee  hours of  the Morning or  in  the  late  evenings  has its pros  and  cons. The  pros  are  the   obvious  ones, You  know, you will  be healthier  , more  confident, stronger and  happier  and  there  is no direct contact  with the scotching  sun  .Then there  is  the  cons  which  are  often  overlooked. So  today’s  post  is  more  of the  ‘Red Alert’  kind  of  post, filled  with  all the  Warning  Signs  you can imagine 

  • Keep  warm

If you are  going  to  run  when  the  Sun is not  out  ,  You  might Want  to  keep warm. Save  the  sports  bras  and  vest tops  or  light  T. Shirts  for   the  sun  , put  on  warm  clothes  on  top, the universe  still needs  you

  • Beware   of  your  surrounding

We  are living  in  a  sick  and  twisted  society , so  your  safety  should  be  your  number  one  priority. If you  are  going  to  run  very  early  or  late  in  the  evening  make  sure  you  are  familiar with   the  area  and  sure  of  the  route  in case  anyone  tries  something, you  will be  quick  to  dash  to  safety. Call it  paranoya  but  hey!  If  it is  going  to  save  a  life  then  ….’oh  well…..

  • Keep  your  music  low

I  always run  on  a  busy  road  in  the morning .i used  to play  my  music  so loud  until  I  realised  how  destructive  it was, I had zero knowledge when  a  car came  too close, I Paved  off the pavements from  time  to  time  because for  some  reason  I thought  I  was all alone and  there  were no cars.

If  your  music  is  too  loud, your sourrounding  becomes  too silent  and  it is important to know  what is happening, if  a  car  is  passing, you  need  to  hear, you  need  to  know  if    other  people are  coming  your  way  etc….

  • Make sure  it  is  a  path  that  is always  busy

Hey!  Who runs  on  a  lonely  path  in  the morning  and  in  the evening, do not  set  yourself  up  for  danger

  • Act  fast when you notice  strange character

If  you  notice  any  strange  characters, run fast   to  the  nearest  busy  place  and  seek  help




  • Find  a  running  partner

Crime  is  less likely  to happen  when  there  is  two  people involved  as  opposed  to  when  you are  alone  and  vulnerable  and  a  target  for pretty much  anything. So if  you  can find  a running  partner then   find  one and  stay  safe


Hey! This  is just  one  of  those  days  that  I  feel like  saving  the  world, hashtag World peace  and  I hope  this  post saves  you  from  being  a  victim.

You are beautiful

Stay con-fit-dent


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