Hang on…!!

yoh!  Wadda do  wadda  do? “


Pardon  me  guys ,  i know  that was  a  very  weird   intro, it’s  just  that I have been watching  a  lot  of  bundocks  lately, it’s messing  me  up!

Anyhu’     I’ve  not  done  hanging leg  raises  for  like  ……… 1…2…3…4… I can’t even  count  how many months.


(1) I dont  like  them,  they  strain my  hands
(2)I am too short  to reach  any pole,  and when I say  too short  I mean  5’ft  tall,  am  I  going  to  jump on my  brother’s back  everytime  I want  to reach the  pole, There is more to life than that

But here is the thing,  I  am  a  sucker  for  full body  excercises.  Anything  that  works   more  muscles than just one,  I am  totally  game!

Lets  face it, who  wouln’t  rather kill  10  birds  with  one  stone? huh? Who?  *insert  Russian  accent*

So  apart  from  abs  this  move  works  your  legs, arms  and  back? That  is  the  exact   reason  why  I  am  getting  back  to  doing    this  move  frequently.
Who is ready  to  join  me?

Hang  on  with  your  leg  straight as seen below


  Then  slowly  raise  your  legs  as seen below


Repeat  that  20  times  or  more  depending  on  your  level  of  fitness ,  rest for  five  seconds and  repeat, then you  will be  good  to  go.

the  good  thing  about  this  is that you could  perform  this  move  anywhere, all you  need   is  a  pole  ”but  si ya stima  Wakenya…tafadhali”

Randomness 101  , when was  the  last  time  you  heard  a  genuine  ‘You  are  beautiful? Well,  You  are!

Stay fit….stay  con-fit-dent


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