So it  is that  time  of  the  day  again and Working  out   sounds like 

(a) A good  plan
(b) A bad plan


(2) You  struggle  to get  up  let  alone  put  on  your snickers to get moving.


(3)You scroll through your  instagram   hoping  to get just the  motivation you need  and  for  a  second there you doubt  the  numerous display  of  ripped  abs you see on  your feed .



(4) Then you snap out of it  and  realise  they are indeed very  real  and  this   humans  work  their…….” I would  say   butts off  but   kids  are  watching So  i am just going  to  say   hearts  off  instead.
Then Bam! Your motivation kicks  in.

Full Attire  ~ check √
Earphones ~ check√
Playlist~ check√
Water  bottle ~ check√
And  a  picture  of  Leonado DiCaprio  that  you probably  don’t need  ~ check √
and  you are  ready to  get  that workout done.


(5) Then you see the  weights that  have  been lying there  all  along  waiting  for you then  you second  guess.


(6) Then  you realise  that  is the  lamest thing  you  ever  told yourself


(7) Then  you  gain  the little  confidence that  you  have left and  start, then you realise it  is  not  as  bad  as you thought, the  first few  reps  seem like a  walk in  the park


(8)until  you get to the last rep , when  all energy  is  gone. When  everything  is breaking loose, your  bladder,Your morale, confidence, energy ,  sweat, eyes. You wonder  why on earth  you are submitting  yourself to  this and then you blame God  who is in this  case  100%  innocent


(9)Then you get it  over  and  done  with  and  you  realise that you have a new found power within you. It is  the best feeling  in the  whole  world and  you are ready to conquer  the  world in a good  positive  way not  the Doofenshmirtz  from Phineas  and  ferb  kind  of  way.


(10) Then you walk away  hoping  that  tommorrow should be  here  already  so you  could do it all over  again


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