On   THIS  post, we tackled  side  planks and  all its  benefits.

Today  I will not repeat  myself   that’s for sure but I will tell you for free that  if  you  add weights  to  your  side planks , It is  an  added advantage  because it makes  you stronger quicker  and if your  target  is weight loss, then you will always be a step ahead because it gives  you the result  you want to see   quicker, and did I mention it is an added advantage  because it   works  your  arms  too at the same time? If you didn’t know  , well now you  know!( I’ve always  wanted to say that)

So  to  perform  this excercise, you drop down  into  a  normal side  plank position only this time  you will be  holding a dumbell


Heads  up: You might want to start with  lighter  weights if you  are not used to it….I Fell face  flat severally.Just sayin’.


Then slowly  curve the dumbell to your underarm ( just realised  i  might have  ‘mis-explained’ ~ if there  is  such a  word, which  I am 100% sure there isn’t)

But you get the picture. (for  better  illustration , see video on my instagram)


Then get  back up and repeat. Go as long as you can go because  we both  know  you are bad ass, just  dont  overdo  it
Stay beautiful , stay healthy , stay con-fit-dent.


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