Let’s face it guys….  we all love  hate burpees.

Hold up,let me speak for myself…

I hate to love burpees. I know  they  are good for me but  at the same time , I  feel like they are  very  bad  for me
(which is propesterous, because they are perfect  for me.)
We have  a  strained relationship, but what  is important  is  that  we  are  growing better and  stronger as time  goes by. We are  working things out. if you know what I mean.If you are like me, then you better quit whining  and move in with burpees like yesterday.

Just a random thought, imagine a conversation between a psychologist and  I when  they read  the first half  of  this post.

Psychologist: Brenda, are you single?
Me: does having a relationship with burpees count?

Anyway, back to  the post. Unlike other isolation  exercises, this exercise  burns more calories  within a short period  of time.It  targets  your  arms, chest, quads, Glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles all at the same  time and if performed  regularly , it  increases   your overall body  strength .

Here is how to  do them.
Drop down in to a plank position,


Jump  back up into a squat like position with  your  hands still on the  ground


Then with a full force, jump as high as you can


And repeat the  process for  20 seconds.Rest  for 5 seconds  and do it again.Do  as many repetitions until your sweet soul  can  can’t take it. Just don’t  die on me .okay? my account  is not  grande enough to bail me out!
Stay healthy, stay con-fit-dent, stay beautiful…


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