I  was used to  the  normal   nuts,  aka ‘njugu‘ , a.k.a  the  tastiest  nuts ever  a.k.a I should  stop saying a.k.a  already …until  I met  almond  nuts and  our  love  instantly  got  brewed in an African pot.I went head over heels, they  are  not  only  good looking


see  what  I  mean?


But they  make  your  health   look  good  too…. Bam! talk about  all  sorts of awesomeness  .I always  have  almonds  with me  wherever I go  since I get hungry all  the  time and I tend  to  want  to  snack  all the  time. ( Hey you  got  to blame it on   (HIIT)  workouts, they are literally  like  all day  appetizers ,I am not even kidding ) . Anyway, here  are  some   health  benefits  of  Almond  nuts. Maybe it will  convince you to go grab  a  handful   in exchange  for  the  usual  fried   foods during  snack time  !

  1. They   have  antioxidants  that  prevent  Heart  diseases  and  Cancer
  2. They  lower  the  blood  cholesterol   hence   reducing  your  risk  of  blood  pressure
  3. They are  the  best  source  of  Vitamin E  , this  in return  reduces  aging  by bettering your  skin  (where  my ladies  at?)
  4. It   prevents  diseases  like  diabetes  by  reducing  the  blood  sugar  level
  5. Last  but  not  least , if you are looking to  drop that weight, Almond  nuts  curbs  hunger  hence lowering calorie intake which  aids  in loosing that extra weight

so next time you  see  this  gorgeous…. tasty….mouthwatering……….. what  am  I  doing?  (Thou’ shall not last over food  Brenda!!!!)

look, all I’m  saying  is next time you see  this (see below)


do not  pass  them  by, okay?

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stay beautiful, stay fit , stay CON-FIT-DENT , and  stay healthy

Thank you


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