I added  6kgs of   weight   and I love it….Yes  I Love it….. * Olla The  Weekend**   .

I know you are  probably  thinking  ‘Are you  not the  same  person  who  advocates  for  working out  and  eating right to keep  off  unwanted  unhealthy fat  that  harms your  overall  health?  ?” .

Guilty  as  charged, Yes I am. In fact, I work  out  five to  four   days  in a  week , depending  on  my moods  and  whether  or  not  my  body  is  at  its best  and I  am not worried  about  some flu  (current  situation)  , cramps (another  current   situation )  , headaches  or  whatever…See, that is  the  good  thing  about  working  out  at  home. You make the rules  baby , you are your own  boss. So  here  is  the  truth  , All my  life  I  have  always been  petite  , my   weight has  always  ranged  between 44-49kgs  and  my  brother  with   all  the  love  in  his  heart  always  asked  me …….

Kwani  wewe  ni  kuku   ” He  equated  my  weight  to  a  chicken’s , Well, thinking about  it now  maybe  I  should  have  punched  him on  the  face…  ( Where  are my  manners…..Children , Violence  is  never  the  answer..  Okay?)  ….Moving  on   swiftly …

And  then  it  came  a  time  I  was  stuck  at  44kgs  for  what  seemed  like  eternity. I do not weigh myself really so when  the  nurse  at  the  hospital  told  me  to  step  on the  scale, I found  out I  was  50kgs, I had  added  a  whooping  6kgs , ( where  my flash mobs  at, let’s  do  some  happy  dance  in this  place) . To make  it  better , I  had  not added any   unhealthy  detrimental fat  , I shed  that  and  replaced it  with  muscle. It was  all muscle  weight .  See  the  Universe  revolves  around loosing weight  and  forgets  that  there  could  be  someone  somewhere  hoping  against  all hopes  to  at least  add  weight. I am addressing those  ladies today . Ladies, do not  worry about  lifting  that  extra  weight , it  will not  make  you  shredded  or  manly  ( Unless  you  want  to  which  ……..I  don’t  know)  but  if  you  want  to  add  weight  , don’t  go  for  fried  foods  or  processed  sugar. That  is  lame, You know it is. Just  Eat  right  , Workout , lift    weights   correctly  and you just  might  get  your  one  way  ticket  to  ” Added-Weightsville  ”  ( I just  made  that up , It only exists  in my   head … I  wonder  if  that  makes  me  mental ) .

In other  news  if  you  click  THIS    link  you  will  see that I  have  been  nominated  for  the  BAKE  Awards. Scroll  down  to  number  16  which  is  the  best  Health  Blog  2016 and  vote  for  blog  (d)   ‘couchhealthandfitness”  , it will literally  take  5  seconds and  you know , I will be  grateful .

Thank you so much for  always  reading and  remember that  you are  beautiful and   that  is  irreversible  but  your  health  is  reversible ….change  it  for  the  better

Stay  healthy , stay  fit  , stay  confident

God  bless  you ..



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  1. Joh says:

    Awesome read.


  2. I love..,hehehe i also added weight in all the right places..* 8 winks…


    1. that is the beauty of it all 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes 🙂


  3. lornah says:

    love love your blog, just discovered it. Good read.


    1. thank you …. just checked yours out too…love it


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