Hello , Inner peace

WARNING:  You are about to witness  how  super close inner  peace and  I are..Prepare to be amazed!

Hello  ?

Hello? Inner peace? You there?



well, this is embarrassing  but don’t  sweat it  people, It is going to show up…..Anytime now….just wait…you’ll  see

Come on inner peace, I don’t have all day.
Okay, Maybe it’s  busy, you know……Or  maybe   it’s not coming, I’m out!

Oh wait! I think I hear it………. Thaaaaat’s more like it….. Found it guys.. It’s here

Hello there Inner peace , Took you long enough!  *Insert Master Shi-fu’s voice*
Now let’s do some Yoga!
Considering THIS Post, I was never a Yoga person, I did not get it, I was  just not  that  ‘kinda’  girl you  know, or rather I thought I  wasn’t  but now I am and as far as I’m concerned It is like my cup of green tea, I can’t do without it, (see what I did there? , I knew you would get it)
So here are a couple of my favorite Yoga poses you could try in your living room, bedroom , backyard , front yard,   bathroom  (okay, maybe not the bathroom) But you get the picture!

This  first pose  is  the   CHILD’S  POSE, i love it because  it  is  so  easy, I could  literally go  to sleep  in this  pose, zero chills!

Does  this  ring  a  bell? I thought  so. You have  probably seen  it HERE  . But  heck  they  do  not  call it  lunges in Yoga honey, they make it  look  cool  and make it  sound like you  some  Legend  of  Kora  who  kicks   butt for a living, just  by  doing  this  pose, ladies   and  gentlemen *drum rolls  please* , welcome  The  ‘WARRIOR  1’ pose





This  is the  DOWNWARD FACING DOG….Is it just me or is the floor  moving?

(that was so random) but I can  assure  you this is the  best  pose of them all. If I were to chose, which of  course I cant, but  if  I had  to , it would  definitely take  the  crown



The TREE POSE  is  my  go to  pose, You know  what I mean? I  know  it is  a bit  sketchy   but we are getting  there people

That  is  all for  now, see you next time.Thank you for reading  and  remember…

You are beautiful, no matter what they say so  make  your  health  as  beautiful by trying out some  of  this yoga  posses  today

stay  fit, stay confident





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