This photo was taken with a Techno phone, amazing!


Aloha  there! This  is my first     ‘Do it  yourself’   (DIY)  post ,   (Excitement  bells  are  ringing)  



I have always wanted  to  do one  of  this, It  always   looked  and  sounded  cool  especially  when  it’s  a  ‘Vlog’  and  all this  You tubers  go  like   ”Welcome to yet another  D.I.Y   video  with  me ….blah  blah  blah  ”  , That’s not really why I am  doing this though, The main reason I wanted to do a  (D.I.Y)  is  because  I wanted  to  share how   amazing  and creative  you can get  with  Health  and  Fitness . I wanted  to let you know  or  at least  remind  you    that  it  is  not  always  true what  the  pictures  and  stories  say, that healthy foods  taste so bad  it  makes you  want  to   wrinkle your face or gag. The truth is   healthy foods  are   tasty  and  fun  and   easy  to play around  with.My head was  literally  running wild with  ideas and  believe me when I say , I  dropped  a  sweat just  to  settle  on  one  thing , I wanted  to show  you  how  to make  Healthy salads ,  Homemade  scrubs ,Deep conditioners , etc  and  I  had  to  snap out of it  and breathe and just come  up  with  one   tutorial,  I   ended  up  with  ‘D.I.Y , Home made  smoothie ”  *pardon  the whole drama, it is just that it really did  happen*. great for your body, skin , hair, nails, pretty much everything.  I know I am  asking  for  too much  when  I  say  this  but  trust me. It will do  wonders, thank me later when  your  colleagues  and  friends  compliment  you  or when  modeling  agencies  approach  you  to  model  a  skin  product or  something (Okay maybe I am pushing it  a  little) But this is just my way of  saying, Have  your  smoothie  today!

so let’s jump right into it, Every  day ,  After  my  usual  runs  or  whatever  workout plans  I have for the morning , I make  a point  of  making healthy  Vegetable  and  fruits  smoothie  for  my Family  and  I.  we all enjoy  it and  ever since we  started  taking it, we have never looked  back.  I will be sharing  step by step  on what I do and how I do it and  I hope  you will  try and make  one  fist  thing tomorrow  morning


I often switch  up  my  Fruits  and  Vegetables , on this particular  day, I had  spinach, Cucumber, A mango , Bananas ,Beetroot , Watermelon, Lemon, Pawpaw , carrots and of course a blender



Remember, just  because  you  are  opting for  healthier meals  does  not  mean they are automatically infused  with  an  antibacterial  agent  that  makes  it  super clean  by   mother  nature  as  a reward  for  eating  your  Vegetables  and  fruits, No! you have to wash each one of  them  thoroughly  on running  water


cut  each  one  of  them into smaller pieces , doesn’t matter which one you start  with, just do you  ‘booboo’











once everything is  cut and  ready as  seen  above , mix it  with the  spinach  and   put everything in your  blender




add  some  CLEAN BOILED  water (ain’t nobody  got  time  for  typhoid and  cholera honey)




No  sugar , yes  honey, if you want.But  honestly , the fruits  serve  a  very  great  purpose in sweetening your  juice


At some point , I took the lid  off  just  to show you  the  whole  blending process,



It is  thick  enough  and  very  tasty. Serve  in a  glass, there is something about a colorless brittle   glass  and  a  blended  smoothie that goes together, if you know what I mean *wink*


There  you have it, easy  simple  and  very convenient, someone once  said  (I don’t know who though) That if you can’t eat it, drink  it. having trouble  eating your vegetables and fruits? Then blend and drink them. Problem solved, case closed.


stay con-fit-dent

Thank you for reading


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