A beautiful  woman is a strong woman, both  spiritually, emotionally  and  physically. a  CON-FIT-DENT   woman . One who  believes that  she can do anything  that  she puts her mind to. A  woman who is not weighed down by the world  around   her  and does not constantly need to change herself to suite it either. A woman who is not afraid of a little more bulk up  and goes ahead and lifts twice as much  weights than the next guy in the gym . See where I am going with this  ladies? . I hope you do. If not, let me break it down to you a little.


doing  strength  training  is not as bad as it sounds. well, not  now it’s not, back then a  woman who lifted was either considered retarded or  she was joining the military  or  something. the  world is way smarter now  of course,


women  around the globe are training their  muscles and are  definitely  winning  at it as times go by. Don’t  you  just love  how  the  fitness  world  is  changing  to  suite us ? I mean , what more could you ask for? (well, apart from diner with Sauti sol , dang! this  boys can sing…plus are they fit  or WHAT!)



Anyway, back to reality.  In  THIS  post  we  tackled  Push ups , we figured out  how they are done  and  how  amazing they are  for  your  arms, mainly your  Biceps. well, I am doing  sort of like a continuation  of  the  article…. well, not really  a  continuation  , I am  basically  finishing up what I started…………..what am I  saying  really. Let’s just  say, I am writing  this post to try and help us  not  to neglect  our  triceps  by   assuming that we are  working  them  out  too by  doing  push ups  only


That was  a  lot  harder to  explain than I imagined, anyone else  choke on their own words like I do? ( ‘lemmie’  see you put your hands  up and whip ‘em’   like you just don’t care)


Okay so ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you..DIPS ,


They  are  like  a  jack of  all trades  and  a master  of  all  at the same time. They  not  only  strengthen  and  tone  your  triceps  but  your shoulders  and  chest  too. It is  simple  and  all you  need  is  your  body  weight  to  perform this excercise


hold  on to  a  chair, table, bricks, whichever  ..with  both  hands  at the back as seen in the photo above


make sure your  legs  are  straight  or  slightly  bent as seen above


then carefully  drop  your  body  down to a comfortable  level as seen  above


or  even lower, just  make  sure  you do not  sit  on the  ground, as  seen  above


then  slowly  get back up,  repeat the  process  severally. say  20 repetitions,  resting for  ten  seconds  then  redoing  the  whole  set. do this  five times  and  you  will  be  good to  go, enjoy  yourself bearing in mind that this  is  not  torture  but the road to a stronger healthier you.

for a  video  tutorial, visit  my  Instagram  @brendamidamba

Remember, you were  born  beautiful, that is  irreversible  but  your  health  is  reversible, start now

stay Con-fit-dent



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Vicente says:

    Hey CouchHealthandFitness. lemme firdt commend you for the new look of your blog; looking awesome. cant get enough 🙂 . you are looking quite lovely uaself, thanks to your exercise routines. Now to my point, tthanks so much for your consistency in keeping health a big priority; God bless you. Keeo thr postst coming, you are a blessing .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you , means a lot .. I will definitely keep the posts coming…..
      stay fit, stay healthy


  2. Leah says:

    This is my year 🙂 …I’m gonna be good at this.Nice read.


    1. indeed it is our year, take it and own it ….all the best
      stay fit, stay healthy


  3. Koi Ngunjiri says:

    Inspiration 101 😝 Good job!! Love the new website 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awesome…thanks Dear ;-)…


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