In case you missed  the  previous  tutorial  videos  on  my  Instagram , here  are  some  workouts  you  could  definitely  try  out  at  home, in your  space  or  even  your  COUCH….break  a  leg! and  remember  stay  con-fit-dent Advertisements

Hello , Inner peace

WARNING:  You are about to witness  how  super close inner  peace and  I are..Prepare to be amazed! Hello  ? Hello? Inner peace? You there? Hello!!!!   well, this is embarrassing  but don’t  sweat it  people, It is going to show up…..Anytime now….just wait…you’ll  see Come on inner peace, I don’t have all day. Okay, Maybe…


short post alert! Mayday Mayday do you copy?   In  THIS  post,  We tackled Planks  and  saw  how    great they were   at  toning  your  mid section , strengthening your  back  and  improving  your  flexibility in general. I mean who wouldn’t  want  that? I used to  think that  Gymnasts  didn’t need  a stronger  back  and …


  Aloha  there! This  is my first     ‘Do it  yourself’   (DIY)  post ,   (Excitement  bells  are  ringing)     I have always wanted  to  do one  of  this, It  always   looked  and  sounded  cool  especially  when  it’s  a  ‘Vlog’  and  all this  You tubers  go  like   ”Welcome to yet another  D.I.Y   video  with  me…


  A beautiful  woman is a strong woman, both  spiritually, emotionally  and  physically. a  CON-FIT-DENT   woman . One who  believes that  she can do anything  that  she puts her mind to. A  woman who is not weighed down by the world  around   her  and does not constantly need to change herself to suite it either….