I woke up like this , (see below)


Now I  am not just  quoting  lyrics  from  Queen Bey’s   Hit  song here. Really, I did. I woke  up, put  my  creased workout clothes on, all in the name of working out  but  ended  up  taking photos  for  this post instead, no make  up, no  nothing ,  I mean if you  work out in make  up and heels  , Salute!  now, that would be  an  interesting watch, don’t you agree?, .( I wonder if  mega stars work out with make  up  on though) .

Anyway, I postponed my workout  to later  this  evening, I mean, why  am I even starting off my year  like this. with  all this  procrastinating habits  that i talked about  last week. But  hey! I guess I am only human  ‘ey?;.  But  Let’s  look on the  brighter  side  though, I  kicked  ass in my  evening workout , ended  up  doing  twice  as  much  repetitions that I was  dead  sure  I wouldn’t  have  dared  to  do this morning, (talk about  willpower) which brings me to the  workout  of  the  day, Lunges


they  simply  involve  Lunging  forward to actively engage  and  strengthen   your  core,butt and  leg  muscles as  seen  above.


Just stretch one  foot  forward, as  seen  above


then  bend your  knees with  your  back  straight , making  sure  your  back  knee  does  not  touch the ground , get back  up and  repeat this  twenty  times, rest for  ten  seconds  then redo the reps  for  five  rounds  on  each  leg.

wondering how to  do  it?  wonder  no more  because  Brenda  is  on the  rescue  see  tutorial video on my Instagram @brendamidamba

stay  con-fit-dent



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  1. Brayo says:

    always a pleasure reading from u guys. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. leah says:

    Do the lunges help with the booty muscles??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. most definitely…. it strengthens and builds it..


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