Reality about running

well, don’t  get  me wrong  I Love  running  , it  is  my soulmate ,  I found love  in a hopeless  place   but   I would be daft not to share the reality  about  it ,  before I started  running  I had  this  fantastic  ideas  the  movies placed  in  my  head ,  well, allow  me to bust your  bubble  here , are  you  ready? here  it  comes

…sorry  but  the slow  motion  scenes in the   movies are  totally overrated . they made  running  seem   like you would   accidentally knock your   Mr. Right  over   and  your  hands  would  meet  as   you both reached for the water bottle that   you dropped  as a result  and  you  would  have that instant  connection  and you  will live  happily ever  after .For  a  moment  there , I  imagined  I  was  Flash , moving  at   the speed of light  and  blowing  things away with  my aura , I  let  that  get  into  my  head, I feel  ten  again just  thinking  about  it.


” Ow  Flash ” *Kermit’s  Voice*

The  truth  is  , there is  no  Mr and  Mrs. Right because you are  dripping  and  sweaty  and  listening to the playlist that  probably would  make the  other  person gag . You  are  not wearing  any  deodorant,  like  who wears  deodorant  when  they are  running, unless you are  ..


The  invisible woman, because you will need to  smell her  to  notice  her  but then again why would she want you to  notice  her? it be  pointless to be  invisible, in other news her  costume is  bodacious…. S.L.A.Y.I.N.’ . I guess what I was  trying  to  say  before  this  startling  Marvel characters  rudely  interrupted   was  running is not  ‘pretty’ when you  think about  it but  in real sense it actually is pretty.  it  gives  you  a  pretty   mindset , a  pretty  mood  throughout  the  day, a  pretty  healthy  life and  if you are  lucky  a  pretty  boy  . put on your  running  shoes , the  road is  waiting, see you on the finish  line

PS: Super  heroes  are  bad  for  your  health

stay con-fit-dent, beautiful people




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  1. Leah says:

    When running and my chest literally starts to burn….do I stop or continue.
    At times it feels like dying and I just wanna stop 😀

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    1. when there is an unusual pain, you might want to stop and breathe…. run in intervals until your body adopts to it and you will eventually develop endurance to run with no pain at all..but for now take it slow, Rome was not built in a day, see you on the finish line


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