A Festive Feasting season

” What  really  is the true meaning  of  Christmas? ” Is  it  that time of the year when we  devour  the  biggest  chicken  thigh until we can not  fully zip  our  pants ? Is  it that  time  when  people  take  Family Vacations ? Is it  that time  that teenagers  and  youths  or  anybody  makes  silly  decisions all in the name  of  having  fun? . Well, I don’t  know  what  Christmas  is  to you . But the true  meaning of  Christmas  is  commemorating the  birth  of  Christ.  God wants us to celebrate the  birth of  Jesus  Christ in the right way , He  wants  us  to  remember that  it is not about  celebrating the birth of Satan  here , so  don’t go  doing  stuff like  we  are partying  for Satan’s birth , we  all about  Jesus, can I hear an Amen!!

okay, so  I love food, that is why I look forward  to meal times and holidays  and  this being one of them , I try  to  eat  pretty much  everything  but in moderation. I don’t think I am going to die  of  a little  more  cake  and  some  pizza . *insert  Christina  Perri’s  ‘I’m only human’  lyrics* . But yeah , I am only human who  still  needs  my  health after  Christmas. it is  not apocalypse  honey so there  is  still tomorrow, remember  to eat your  fruits and  vegetables  and  drink  lots of water  this festive season , thank  me in January when  you  will be  singing  a  good  song  in the  bathroom when  going for number  two. Did  I just say number two out loud? . I am  indeed  hopeless. (shaking my head) . But  seriously , take everything  in moderation , avoid excess processed sugar , do not buy excessive  soda  to store, the temptation only  gets real . * sorry  coca cola , no one is paying me to say that,…….. sadly!*  . if you  must  take   sugary  drinks like  me, invest in a blender and  make  yourself  a  sweet  fruits  and vegetables smoothie and you will be  good to go


excessive consumption of  food in one  meal  setting is  harmful to your health

Do not  drink  and  drive  : Do  not  drink  a lot of processed  drinks , it will drive your  body insane

This  information is free and  not  sold  to any persons  below  or over  18

It is  a  Merry Christmas  from  Santa  and  I


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