” All that  mankind has done, thought, gained or been;  it is  lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books .’ Thomas Carlyle .

There is something about  reading and unwinding that  totally goes together. As I am writing this post, I haven’t worked out for a week , i decided to take a chill pill , no alarm bells! just because I felt like it . you make your own rules, remember? , ( well, not always!)  During this time, I try to relax my body as much as possible , ( we are talking about one or two weeks of  total rest, if i can avoid even walking, the better) .Every human being needs a break from something , that is why we have holidays. Routine can be boring , it can make your body just shut down if you are not careful. so for all the ‘jacks‘  out there, remember that no play makes you dull

‘ Capiche ?’

Good. Now that we got that settled lets move on. So ,we  do different  things at this time.some take a vacation , some go on a TV series marathon , some  sleep like  their lives  depend on it, (actually coming to think of it, our lives ‘sorta’ depends on sleep). For me,  this is the time I  finish  the books that I have probably  left hanging for the longest time ever. reading has been that activity for me that shuts the world out for a few hours  , it kind of brings me to life, it is a sweet place , full of fantasy, that makes me wonder…. ‘what if?’ and opens up my mind to be receptive to a world  full of  possibilities and beauty beyond my current status. Reading is a go to place for me.. really.

I believe in order for you to be a writer then you have to be a reader .. and the vice-versa  goes and I love writing so….yeah ( see where this going?)

Reading in Kenya has not quite been embraced much because……….wait for it………. i don’t know. Maybe we are too busy doing other things. so at the end of the day, you as an individual have to squeeze it into your schedule.

It is  funny how  we would pay thousands  to go watch a speaker speak about contents of his / her  book  and  that  same book  goes  for  hundreds.yet it is the same information ,  simply  because we can not  read, well, not that we can  not read, but  because we do not want to read yet we can read

reading has so many benefits ,

  • Improves  your writing skills, for real… you don’t  trust me? try and see for yourself
  • It makes you knowledgeable.. wouldn’t you want to know what is in someone Else’s head? (okay, that sounded  a lot less creepier in my head, but hey! you get it)
  • reading  reduces stress .it is like a free mind and body massage, i just saved you a lot of money…(you can thank me later)
  • expands your vocabulary immensely ,
  • improves your memory , Although I have been having memory lapses lately …. must be the wine ……. actually, it is the  wine……There was a   three day wine tasting this week at KICC, that I was not going to miss…  well, I would have missed it  but it just so happened  that I was in the neighborhood .*sly subtle smile inserted*
  • There is more to entertainment than music and Tv,.. I introduce to you the best form of entertainment  …..drum rolls please….. Ladies and gentlemen introducing…..A  BOOK

So next time you  come across a  book, do not ignore it.. It is your best friend…for real.


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  1. Marvin says:

    i am so cleaning my shelves and picking up a book. thanjs couch health and fitness. any recommendations???


    1. yes locally i am a fun of all of Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s books and then there is chimamanda ngozi Adichie’s ‘purple hibiscus’ and ‘Americanah’


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