I  was introduced to running In August  this year by my name sake , ”Hola Brenda! “. .It  took me up to two months to come to terms  with the fact that with my love  for   my beauty  sleep as  seen  in THIS POST  , I could actually get myself to wake up at  5:00am just  to hit the road.  ( currently  eating sausages patting myself on the shoulder ) .My first  experience  was insane, so I set  my alarm for 5;00am ,  then  intentionally , accidentally  snoozed  it  for  30 good minutes  (really, it was  accidental,I am  very disciplined my people, very disciplined   *hides my now red face * )  and when I finally woke up, I quickly got dressed and found my friend waiting outside , I had zero motivation but  I wasn’t going  to  sit there and  watch  myself  be another  statistic  of those friends who just never keep their promises , I had promised her a run for like forever and that day I had made up my mind to run….to infinity and beyond.…..’ ( I’ve always wanted to say that ) .

So,  I hit the road , honestly, that was like the best decision I ever made, well , of course  choosing to commit to all episodes of  ‘The Legend of Kora ‘ was  indeed a better decision.

this is how far we went, not so bad don’t you think…


I am evidently an outdoor person and  I enjoy outdoor activities ,(getting ready for  a Mt. Longonot climb this December , #excited ) . if you enjoy working out from home and you have never tried running, you should seriously consider that. Nothing beats the feeling of a  nice fresh breeze on your face and fresh air going deep down in your system accompanied by real good  music , ( talking of music ,I could seriously use Adelle’s- HELLO,I cant seem to  download it *frustrations*  *feeling blue*, help a  sister  out)

This is a new section of the blog called  ‘the runner’s diary’ where I will be sharing everything running. (working on pictures too..coming  back soon) so stay tuned. hit the follow button if you haven’t already and thank you for reading

God bless you


And remember you were born beautiful , and that is irreversible , but your health is reversible, make it better today!


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