Oh how I love   to  stretch, I stretch in  my  sleep, when I wake up, when I walk , after   my run , before  my  runs. All I do  is  stretch, stretch, stretch (This  could  be  lyrics  to  a  Hit  song) don’t you  think? Don’t  say  no you dream  crusher, I see you

Anyways, stretching is the deal, I feel like when I do them, before and  after  lifting or any  form of exercise it  prevents  any future muscle  aches, God  knows  I hate those

when  i  wrote THIS  post about  Stretching, I  feel like  I left a whole  bunch of stretching options out, and guess  what, they  are  a  gazillion  stretching  options  out  there  , who knows, we  might  end  up having  stretch it out  pt 3,4,5,….to infinity. I am just  going to  share  some of my  favorites at the moment and  I hope you try them soon if  not  today , because you  are  going to  love  them, I promise

This  is    the  quadriceps  stretch that  stretches  the  front  of  my  thigh, I  do this mostly  after  my runs  or  after  leg  exercises



this  next one is the shoulder overhead that stretches  my  back , arms and chest




and finally a standing pike stretch that  stretches my back and the back  of my legs


Next  time you  feel like the  muscle groups listed above are  weighed  down from your  routine, this is a perfect way to stretch them

have  a  happy stretch day

stay healthy , stay fit

stay con-fit-dent







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