This  has  nothing  to  do  with  Fitness  but  everything  to do  with   just  life   and   how  it’s  like     trying  to  pick  heads  or  tail   on  a  flipped  coin. You  just  do  not  know  what  to  expect.  Okay, So   I  was  busy  working  late  last  night , writing    my  future  blog  posts  when   I  received  a  call  from  a  Friend all  the   way  from  Rwanda  telling  me    that  one  of our  very  good  friends  had  passed  on. I  thought  she  was  acting   or  pulling  a    prank  that  she  would  laugh at   the  end and  so I  kept   my  voice  calm  trying  not  to  overreact .  She  was  not  laughing  at the  end  and  I  thought , Dang!  she  is    serious!  . I braced  myself  and  kept  asking  whether  it  is  the  one  Monica  Nyambura  I  had  known  for  10 years, So  when  she  hang  up,  My  hands  were  shaking , I   knew  it could  not  be  her  since  she  was  super  excited  about  doing  her  final  exam  and  finishing  school  the  previous  day, to  me, she  sounded  perfectly  fine and  so  to  imagine  that  she  is  no  more  was  impossible, i  was  in  a  state  of  denial  and  so  I  rang  her  cell  and  it  was  on  voicemail  but  i  still  did  not  believe  it. I  went  on  her  Facebook  page  and  when  I saw Her  cousin’s  post  on  her  wall  that  is  when  It  sunk  in, I  had   lost  a  friend  and  a  sister. My  sister  and  I  only  managed  to  catch  some  sleep  in  the  wee  morning  hours. we  couldn’t  sleep.. I  was  still  trying  to  figure  out  what  went  wrong , how, when, where, WHY?? .  I  had  so  many  questions    all  directed  to God, you  bet HE  did  not  answer  any  of  them   but  I  know  HE  knows what’s   best.. You  were    my   desk mate  for  two  great  years  , we  shared  lots  of  secrets (I  still  promise  not  to  tell) , I  enjoyed  your  company  in  school  and  out  of  school  and  so  did   my  Family ( My  mum’s   eyes  are   swollen  from  all  the  crying) .  I  know  you  loved  to  sing , and  I  would  literally  bug  you  to  sing  to  Keisha  Cole’s  ,’sent  from  heaven’  even  during  class time and  you  would  get  bored but  you  would  sing  anyway  ,  I  am glad  you  reminded  me  to  study  and  save  writing  letters  to  high  school   boyfriends  for  when  I  am  done  with  my  school  :-), I  (I’m  sorry  I  lost  your  Compass  and  you  didn’t  talk  to  me  for  a  day  🙂)  I  am  glad  I  got  a  chance  to  know  you and  share  life  stages  and life  experiences  with  you.   you  were  sweet ,  funny ,  annoying ( not  always)  and a  talented  singer . I  know  you  have been  to  the  unending  rumbling  waters   of  life  but  you  still  managed  to  smile  , you are  now  in  a  better  place.. where  there  is  no  worry  but  happiness, peace  and  joy. So  don’t  you  worry   child,  Rest  in  Peace



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  1. Irene Wambui says:

    She was indeed an amazing girl..and a talented young lady..
    Rest In Peace.


    1. very’s sad to know we wont be seeing her anymore .. may she RIP


  2. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
    So hard and heart breaking may God comfort you and the family.
    Friends forever Michael w Smith


    1. amen my sister! she in a better place

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  3. Andrew Kaniu says:

    I am still in denial.. I feel like its one of those days something happens and we latter laugh at it when it all ends… She wrote on my FB wall and said she was sorry she would not see me off at the airport but i told her its alright..I would be back in a month. She was the first one to whatsapp me and ask..”Did you arrive safely? How is it? Bring me candy when you come back. (I still will cuz).. And it hurts me so much to know I will not be there to see you off your final resting place.. We shared a lot and I was glad you reached out to me for help you and appreciated it no matter how little. Rest in Peace…..


    1. this breaks my heart…. She was a shinning star…long live her legacy


  4. Sleep well lovely lady.We thank God for the short time we got to spend together!


    1. yeah….we are glad we knew her and her memory lives in our hearts forever


  5. nabslilac says:

    God ended her pain.She is in a gud place where there is no pain but just rest.May her family & friends find comfort in God.


    1. true. true…. Amen and Amen


  6. Ruth Matama says:

    she always seemed to smile, ever since the first day I knew her she was jovial. I met her through you Brenda and am grateful, to have known such a good person. May her soul rest in peace.


    1. it is well….she lit up our lives now she is lighting heaven up even more 🙂


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