health  and  fitness  go hand  in  hand  otherwise  people  would  have  been  calling  it  a  different  thing  like  junk and  fitness  or  sweets  and  fitness , wrong wrong  wrong . In  my  previous   posts  STUBBORN STOMACH FAT   and THREE BASIC NEEDS  I  have  talked  about  how  your   diet  and  health  go  hand  in  hand. Back  in  high  school, in  my  fresh  years  we  did  computer  classes  and  we  had  a  cliche word  GIGO  which  meant Garbage  in Garbage out,  I  kinda  use  the  same  principal  when  it  comes  to  this  matter. What  you  eat  will  show  in  our  physical  eyes, you  are  what  you  eat in case  you  didn’t  know. Well, not  always!  it  doesn’t  always  show  because  of  genes  and  some  medical  conditions  but  just  because  what   you  eat  does  not  show  in  our  physical  eyes  does  not  mean  you  are  healthy. I  often  get  asked  ‘ Why  do  you  work  out ,aren’t  you  thin  enough”  and in  my  head  I  am  just  like ”Why  don’t  YOU  workout?” see,  even  the  skinniest  person  on  planet  earth  should  workout  and  eat  clean  to  be  healthy  and  avoid  diseases, there  are  also  misconceptions  and  things  people  say  that  should  be  burnt ,like  it’s  not  even  legal. if  you  say  life  is  too  short to  eat  right  and  workout  then  that  is  just  wrong, life  is  long,  very  long  we  just  make  it  short  by  the  choices  we  make  each  and  every  morning, how  about  you  choose  right  and make  life  long..okay, enough  about  my  boring  Educative speech. I  do  not  take  anything  apart  from  water  and  green  tea.  okay, not  always  because  then  I  will  be  lying.  I  love  my  sweet  tooth, I  love  to  give it  a  treat  when  I can? green  tea is  all natural  and  has  no  additives  and  it  is  very  good  for  your  body, 


  1. Fights  cancer
  2. Lowers  Cholestrol
  3. Detoxifies
  4. prevents  bad  breath
  5. strengthens  tooth  eneamel
  6. maintains  a  healthy  circulatory
  7. gives  healthy  skin
  8. antiviral agent
  9. full  of  antioxidants
  10. prevents  dementiia
  11. speeds  metabolism
  12. protects  against  heart  disease
  13. reduces  plaque  and  bacteria  in  mouth

the  list  is  endless,  have  your  cup  of  green  tea  today, squeeze  lemon  into  it  or a  teaspoon  full  of  honey  to  taste…here  are  some  packets you  could  get  at  your  nearest  stores

brenda 8brenda 7

brenda 10brenda 10

brenda 4brenda 6

brenda 5


15 Comments Add yours

  1. i keep telling guys they put green tea in their diet that the expert has said watu waskize.thanks a milli girl 🙂 ps:melvins and hyson should pay you for such an awesome advertisement 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keep preaching health eventually they’ll listen :-)…. thanks…
      about Melvins and Hyson…..they should totally see this …lol


  2. thumbs of tea addict 🙂


    1. Yes…. tea makes the day complete

      Liked by 1 person

  3. leah midamba says:

    Thanks for this girl 🙂


  4. Jozie Joh says:

    Great piece
    You have inspired me reduce intake of that other tea *black tea* is it? and do more green tea


    1. yes, embrace green tea for a strongeer healthier you 😉


  5. Miss Shee says:

    Great this is just the piece i was waiting for!!:-)


    1. aaaaaaand here it is 😉


  6. great read…. nitaanza kunywa green tea


    1. thanks….apo sawa


  7. Ruth Matama says:

    love this piece. not of fun of tea but that’s about to change.


    1. lets do this :-)… green tea it is


  8. Edith karimi says:

    I love this.,. I shall try to get rid pf m’y love handles


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