Sam  Smith  is  the  new  kid  on  the  block , everyone is  digging  him (Laughing  out  loud )  No  really, Squats  are  the  new ‘kids’  on the  block. Everyone  is  doing  them. If  you  are  not , do  not  curse  yourself  or  group  yourself  with  the  old  ‘kids ‘. You  could  slowly  introduce them  to  your  workouts  today.  did you  know  that  when  you  do  Cardio  Exercises  for  a  long  period  of  time , you  tend  to  burn  so much  fat  and  It  would  be  better  to  build  muscle  to  compensate  the  fat  that  you  lost? squats  are  a  good  way  to  do  that.

One  thing  about  squats  though, the first  time  you  do  them, your  leg  muscle tissues are  broken  down (safely)  and  you  start  walking  like  the  penguins  of  Madagascar. (not  cute )   I  am  not  promising  you Sugar  and  spice , This  will  hurt  at  first  and  thereby  demand  a  regrow .. Many  people  overlook the  point  that you  should  not  squat  until  the  pain  is  gone  because  if  you  do,  it  may  cause  injury  and  may  slow  down  your  healing  process… Darling,  it  is  never  that  serious, what’s  the  harm  in  taking  a  three  day  break  from  squatting  to  heal  so  that  you  come  back  stronger  and  ready to  do  it  with  no  hitches  at  all? No  harm  at  all!.  Remember  how  when  you  go  black  there’s  no  going  back? same  case ,once  your  back on  them, there  is  no  going  back, your  legs  will  gradually  become  stronger  and  stronger  and  keep  begging  for  more. Squats  are  your  friend, your  bitter  sweet  Kind  of  friend  if  you  know  what  I  mean, it  helps   in

(1)  burning  more  fat  and  building  muscle  at  the  same  time

(2) toning  your  body, abs  and  back

(3) improving  mobility  and  balance

(4) preventing  injuries

(5) Growing   and  giving  you  a  rounder   booty (boys,  this  is  the  part  you  close  your  eyes )

wondering  how  to  do  it?  wonder  no  more  because  BRENDA IS ON THE RESCUE ( Man  , That  felt  like  what a   superhero  would  say on a  normal  day  just  chilling )

stand  with  your  legs  apart


slowly  go  down and  bend  with  your  hands  stretched  forward

brenda 2

go  back  up



brenda 1

do  twenty  reps,  rest  for ten  seconds  between  each  and  repeat  five  times

Remember our  genes  and  bodies  are  very  different, how  an  exercise  will  change  your  body  is  different  from how  it  will  change  someone  Else’s , So  do  not  stop   just  because  your  booty  did  not  turn  out  to  be  JLo’s . look  on  the  brighter   side, at least  you  have  stronger  legs  now  and  you  are  so  much  healthier . I feel  like  they  should  change  the  song  lyrics  to  ” What  doesn’t  give  a  girl  a  bigger  booty  makes  them  stronger 🙂

see video  HERE     on  how  to do  it , that’s    my  Instagram Brenda_midamba  for  videos

we  should  all  get  married  to  squats.  it’s   too  good  and it  offers way  too  much, ‘ Ow   squats  I  like  how  you spoil  me ‘


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle says:

    This actually works.. I can attest to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah 🙂 … you are a living testimony


  2. I love this
    Am a squat girl though I still cross check here just to know am doing it right

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you go girl :-)…. lets keep squatting #teamsquatingforlife

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…:)


  3. leah midamba says:

    Does it give a rounder booty? :-)…if so,on it!


    1. yes ofcourse, go go girl


  4. Miss Shee says:

    Good piece now lemmie get my booty bigger!!


    1. haha..thanks..yep, that’s the spirit


  5. Ruth Matama says:

    awesome! did a bit of this but stopped now am going back! #motivation#


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