brey 7 When you  have   passions like  every  other  human  on  planet  Earth, unless….of course…I  don’t  know… Then  you know  what  I  mean when  i  say  “Google  is  your best  friend” . we  tend  to  Google  a lot  including answers  to  tough  geometry  Equations  (Dear, mum that  was  many  years  ago…i have  changed :-) ) Thank you  Google for  being a  trustworthy  friend  and  a  not  so  trustworthy  friend at  the  same  time. See, if  you  are not  careful, you  might  pick  up the  wrong  information  from the  internet  and  introduce wrong  things  in  your  life. Ring a bell? Yeah! Thought  so….alright, so a   friend asked  me  to  do a  post  on  stubborn stomach fat   , and  I  thought . Wow! this  is  truly  a  matter  that  people  have  been  battling  with  for  ages..having  excess  fat  around  your  waistline  puts  you   at  risks  of  many   health  problems  such  as diabetes, Heart  disease , High  Blood  pressure and  stroke. I  have had  a  waistline  of  size  30  before  and  for  someone  my  height  and  weight, that    was  pretty  much  unhealthy. In  pursuit  of  a  smaller  waist, i  turned  to  my  buddy  Google and  my  oh  my, the  suggestions  were  endless . from  “how  to get  abs  in   two  days” to  “burn stomach  fat with this  pill”  to  “get  abs  with this  killer  position’ … I  mean, I tried them  all (except   the  pills   and surgery or anything  dangerous…I  love  myself  way  too  much and  so  should  you ) and  I  am  here  today  to  tell you  that  “SPOT  REDUCTION  IS   A  SCUM” there is  no  short  cut, you  can  not  choose  which  body  part  you  want  to  burn  fat  from.  The  only  way  is  to  reduce  you  overall  body  fat  percentage  by doing  THIS .  Someone once  said  abs  are  made  in  the  kitchen , it  will  be  a  waste  of  time  and energy  if  you  do  a  one  hour  cardio  exercise  and  fill  yourself up with  junk  afterwards,  I am  sorry  to  say you  could  have  as  well  spent  that  hour  watching  The  Kardashians  (which I  don’t  watch  by the  way )…Stomach  fat is  a  pain  in  the  Butt  but  not  when  you  approach it  right, It  is always  the  last  to  burn   so this  is  where  your  patience  and  persistence  is  tested, of  which  I  score  about  80% . (God  grant  me  100% patience) … Be  Disciplined, do what  you  are  supposed  to  do, when you  are  supposed to  do  it  even when you  do  not  feel  like  doing  it .. Workout  and  eat  clean  , get   enough  sleep ,not  because  you  hate  your  body   but  because  you  love  it  and  you want  to  see  it  flourish  even when  you  are  old  and  retired… Do  not  obsess  over  a  bikini  body, Rock a  bikini with  whatever  size  your  waist  or  thighs are,  I  mean , what’s  the  worst  that  could  happen,  Gossip!  (extreme  eye  rolling  right  now) it  is  sad  to  let  life  pass  you  by  because  of   what  the  world  thinks  is  ‘beautiful’ . A woman’s   body  is beautiful  NOW  not  tomorrow….it  needs  a  bikini at the pool  now…not  tomorrow, so wear  it today (okay  maybe  not  today  because  the weather  is  a  No  No) but   hey, “The  sun will come  out  tomorrow ‘ ( I loved  Annie  ) if  you  do  not  love  you…who  will? here  are  a  few  cardio  exercise  that  will  get  your  heart  pumping  and  leave  you  gasping  for  air. This  is how  I  get  ready  for  my  front  kicks   and  boxing that  involve  two  Hooks  and  two  Uppercuts . Perfect  Cardio  that  is also so  much  Fun brey 11 brey 9 ever  heard  of  jumping  jacks,  they  are  a  common  cardio  exercises , you  stand  straight  with  your  hands  together brey 5 jump  up  and  down throwing  your  hands  above  your  head  and  then  back  down. brey 4brey 7 i  love  to  do  lateral  pulls  while  hoping,  gets  my  heart  beating brey 13brey 13 Enjoy,  doing  this  workouts. For  beginners  this  is  a  perfect  way  to  start. Do  twenty  reps  of  each  repeating  five  times , resting  ten  seconds between each. Do  not  stick  to  the same speed or reps  for  long. Challenge  your  body  to  do  more  everyday, do  not   strain  when  you  have  medical  complications, see  your  Doctor  first …  Dear  Fats, prepare  to  Die visit  THIS  for   video  on  how  to  do  it,  that’s  my  Instagram     @brenda_midamba


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  1. edith karimi says:

    Marvellous brenda

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  2. vanessa says:

    gud stuff keep them,like

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    1. thanks V, I definately will….I’ll keep you posted

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  3. Nice read. For me the hardest thing is eating right, avoiding to much carbs (chapatis)….

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    1. it is a struggle at first but as you continue it becomes part of you and very easy..the body takes 21 days to adopt to change…. give yourself 21 days and you will see…(wa chapo tuko wengi…Ukenya 🙂 l

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  4. Ruth Matama says:

    Nice piece! Jumping jacks never heard that before! you are such a help hun!


  5. waooo great tips……am loving your new blog look bytheway

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    1. thank you blend and shades…:-)


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