I have never done yoga a single day in my life , honestly I do not understand its art, maybe I will. Someday In the future. No rush, that’s the good thing about life, we take one step at a time. it stands somewhere in my bucket list , running off with Nathan Owens to obscurity comes last in the list ( not relevant , I know, just in case he ever sees this, in my dream…..or never ) or maybe it is how I have always perceived yoga (it doesn’t involve jumping ,that’s no exercise) bad….bad mentality Brenda! I’m embarrassed. Really, I am . But hey, I’ll fill you in once I jump that line, I’m lost, probably like you are or are not . Okay so I bumped into a picture on the internet on some Yoga exercises and I was like ‘ what! I do some  of  those poses every morning before and after my workout .’ and I thought maybe I am not so blank on this matter after all, and so it led to me doing a little happy dance that would definitely make it to the ‘Guinness book of records ‘ for being the World’s most unattractive dance of all times. Anyway, When I was fresh into working out, I would literally jump onto my workouts or finish my exercise and just walk away , skipping a vital part of an exercise and that is stretching … well, it might not give you abs or whatever but dang! Do not underestimate the power of a flexible body . stretching  is just like having a ‘self-massage’ if there’s such a word. The body massages itself , it is magical my dear. You know, my words will not do justice to the feeling you get when you stretch it out . so how about you try this poses before and after your workouts , it helps Prevent injury by releasing muscle tension and tightness hence stopping soreness especially after lifting weights  and  just  doing  any  kind  of  intense  workout. I don’t know about you but I know that I am not about to let it go , not anytime soon

brenda 4 (2)

this  pose  stretches  out  my back  chest  and  arms  altogether

brenda 2 (3)

you  know  my   hamstrings  are  stubborn  if  I  don’t  stretch them, they  go  on  a  ‘ squat-boycott’  so  I  do  what  it  tells  me  to

brenda 7 (2)

what  is  a  stretch  without  stretching  your  stomach  and  chest

brenda 6

stretches  the  whole  body ,( as  you  try, please have someone  there to  keep  an  eye  on  you, the  world  still  needs  you :-))

brenda 8 (3)

this  is  important  especially  before  and  after  squats.

brenda (2)

I  do  this  to  stretch  and  strengthen  my   hands  too  , talk  about  killing  a  bird  with  two  stones.

So, enjoy  a  stretch  today ,if  not today, who  said  there’s  no  tomorrow  when  the  sun  will  come  out and  there  will  be  more  opportunities  and  you  will  be  more  willing  to  do  it, so  break  a leg (not  literally)  and  enjoy  a  before  or  after  workout  stretch


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  1. JozieJoe says:

    Nice read.
    The first looks achievable 🙂 will begin with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. love it.nice piece. will guest blog soon! 🙂


  3. Miss Shee says:

    Seriously how did you get there with the flexibility! I’m challenged 😀 Nice piece though!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks miss Shee dear…. had always been able to do it when I was younger and stopped so when I grew up and started working out and stretching , it got a lot more easier…anyone can if you do not have any health complications (if so, talk to a Doc first) n if not just start small with days it’ll improve you’ll be surprised 🙂


  4. Elle says:

    So loving this. How I wish I should slowly start practicing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elle, do not procrastinate…start now! 🙂 you wont regreat


  5. Amazing piece
    The moves am on it 🙂
    Got some eyes checking me out to be safe 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Dear, yeah you’ve got to keep safe at all times, even when stretching 🙂


      1. Sure will
        Keep it going

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  6. nabslilac says:

    am a fan of stretching but exercises wear me out.i nid my body to be the same without my upcoming stomach.
    Thanx Brey for teaching me easy & simple step.i hop al luk fab in 1month.


    1. you look fab already…but you’ll look ‘Fab-ber” (if there’s such a word) when you keep at it :-)…. thank you


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